Loading Player Two

Loading Player Two uncovers the hidden history of girls in gaming.  Originally a WordPress blog, we’ve recently moved to a platform that helps us monitor and manage content better.

To view the articles in their new homes, please click on the links below. Links will be added as I transfer articles from this blog to their new home.

7 Horror Games Made by Women

The Mystery & Horror of Roberta Williams

The Mysterious Game of Liubo

1982: Women, Pac-Man, and the Arcade Revolution

Pokemon GO Live: The Adventure We’ve Been Waiting For

The Dark Side of Gaming

Monopolizing Monopoly: Elizabeth Magie & The Landlord’s Game

The Craze That Started It All: Dr. Busby

Game Masters: Doris Self

Why You Should Thank Women for RPGs and LARPs

Dice & Divination: Playing with Knucklebones – Part 1 and Part 2


The History of Dice…as seen at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ancient Beer Pong: Playing Touhu in East Asia

Greek Girls Gaming: Ephedrismos

Senet: A Game, a Queen, and a Bit of Luck

Young Female Game Characters


I was inspired by my 2015 exhibition, Gamer Girl for Girl Museum.  There were so many stories that I couldn’t include — artifacts, articles, and biographies that demonstrated how girls have been a part of gaming culture all along.  And these stories are often left out of traditional gaming histories. Loading Player Two was born.

About TiffanyTiffany Rhoades

I’m Tiffany Rhoades – a lifelong gamer and trained historian.  I hold a Masters degree in Public History, and have been researching and writing for most of my life.  I’ve curated many historical projects — including exhibitions, published articles, and conference presentations — which can be viewed on my website.

I specialize in museum interpretation, exhibitions, and administration.  I volunteer with Girl Museum as Program Developer, leading exhibitions, strategic planning, social media management, and collaborative partnerships and our interns.  I also produce their bi-weekly podcast series, GirlSpeak.

I’m a self-proclaimed Geek Gamer Princess who loves all things Disney, food, gaming, travel, theme parks, and fun.  I can often be found lost in Skyrim (sometimes literally lost) or whatever game is currently tickling me pink, reading A LOT, or exploring the world at large.

Connect with me on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest or send me an email. I love meeting & chatting with fellow gamer / museum lover / history nerds!


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