Suggested Reading

I read – A LOT.  Blogs. Books. Articles. Random funny internet blurbs.

If you’re looking for additional sources on gamer girls, gamer history, or just gaming & nerd love…here’s my top picks of the awesome sites & books dishing out the goods (in alphabetical order).

8 Bit Brit is all about gaming & cosplaying from a game journalist and YouTuber with some very smart commentary.

Artsy Robot features gaming-related crafts by the same lovely lady featured in “Board & Craft” on The Dice Tower.

FEMICOM isn’t a blog – but a physical/virtual museum dedicated to the preservation and reimagination of femininity in twentieth-century video games, computing, and electronic toys.

Jane McGonigal is one of my favorite games researchers – and she’s out to prove that gaming will change the world in so many amazing, positive ways.  She doesn’t really run a blog, but I highly recommend following her on social media and watching her TED Talks.

Nerdy but Flirty is an all-female gaming crew blogging on issues pertaining to female gamers – including reviews, opinions, and gaming news.

Not in the Kitchen Anymore, run by the lovely Jenny Haniver, documents and examines Jenny’s experiences as a female gamer through audio clips, with the goal to raise awareness and educate others about harassment in online gaming.

Know another blog that should be here? Leave a link in the comments below!


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