Game Masters

Game Masters: Jane McGonigal

Jane McGonigal happens to be one of my favorite gamers.  Why?  Because she’s out to prove that gaming can change the world. I first came across Jane while perusing TED Talks on YouTube.  Her talk on how “Gaming Can Make a Better World” was part of what inspired my exhibition on gamer girls and my… Continue reading Game Masters: Jane McGonigal


The Dark Side of Gaming

In Gamer Girl, I touched on the myriad ways that girls experience harassment while gaming — and what we need to do to stop it. There are so many incredible voices out there raising awareness and trying to change the image of gaming culture as an all-male, sexist trope to one of inclusiveness, creativity, and… Continue reading The Dark Side of Gaming


Dice & Divination: Playing with Knucklebones (Part 2)

Click here to read Part 1 of Dice of Divination, which looks at the games played with knucklebones.   Wait, a game to help the deceased?  You read that right.  Knucklebones weren’t just for fun.  In fact, their links to the spiritual go way back — and range from being objects of divination to amulets of protection and reverence… Continue reading Dice & Divination: Playing with Knucklebones (Part 2)

Tiffany IRL · Video

Missed #LORTLive? Watch the video!

Yesterday I had the awesome privilege of joining the lovely Ladies of the Roundtable for #LORTLive to talk all things girls & gaming.  It was an honor to meet them and find our shared passions, as gaming so often does for people. Did you miss the livestream?  Don’t worry — it’s been recorded and posted to… Continue reading Missed #LORTLive? Watch the video!