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LPT is Moving

Well, the time has come. For various reasons – including the increasing need to monitor for copyright infringement – I’ve decided to move these blogs to my site on HubPages.  I’ve been a writer with HubPages for years, and I’m a huge fan of their monitoring and copyright protections. Writing will also be more sporadic. … Continue reading LPT is Moving


1982: Women, Pac-Man, and the Arcade Revolution

Recently, I came across a 1982 article from Electronic Games magazine: “Women are the Arcade Revolution” by Joyce Worley. My initial reaction upon reading this was pretty negative. Despite being written by a woman, the article appeared almost sexist. But any good historian knows that one piece of evidence is never the full story. So… Continue reading 1982: Women, Pac-Man, and the Arcade Revolution


Pokemon GO Live: The Adventure We’ve Been Waiting For

When Pokémon GO launched, I braced myself.  My fiancee was about to escape into a world I had never dared venture into, having had Pokemon-obsessed cousins and a sibling since the game debuted.  I knew that he’d be out with his friends, catching Pokemon, on the nights we typically spent gaming, going out, and laughing… Continue reading Pokemon GO Live: The Adventure We’ve Been Waiting For

Game Masters

Game Masters: Jane McGonigal

Jane McGonigal happens to be one of my favorite gamers.  Why?  Because she’s out to prove that gaming can change the world. I first came across Jane while perusing TED Talks on YouTube.  Her talk on how “Gaming Can Make a Better World” was part of what inspired my exhibition on gamer girls and my… Continue reading Game Masters: Jane McGonigal


The Dark Side of Gaming

In Gamer Girl, I touched on the myriad ways that girls experience harassment while gaming — and what we need to do to stop it. There are so many incredible voices out there raising awareness and trying to change the image of gaming culture as an all-male, sexist trope to one of inclusiveness, creativity, and… Continue reading The Dark Side of Gaming


Monopolizing Monopoly: Elizabeth Magie & The Landlord’s Game

It’s the mid-1800s.  Following America’s bloody civil war, the men known as “robber barons” are beginning to come into power: Andrew Carnegie, Marshall Field, J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, and Cornelius Vanderbilt…just to name a few. These men and their practices – including monopolies – would shape the nation as it emerged and industrialized into… Continue reading Monopolizing Monopoly: Elizabeth Magie & The Landlord’s Game