Tiffany IRL

LPT is Moving

Well, the time has come.

For various reasons – including the increasing need to monitor for copyright infringement – I’ve decided to move these blogs to my site on HubPages.  I’ve been a writer with HubPages for years, and I’m a huge fan of their monitoring and copyright protections.

Writing will also be more sporadic.  I’ve recently started a full-time job and will be supervising 4 exhibitions this year for Girl Museum, so my time has become severely limited (especially once you add in my personal life).  I am still researching, albeit more slowly than I’d like.

My hope is to slowly move posts over to HubPages, keeping only a few here for linking reasons.  I’ll be posting a final blog with direct links to where the articles are after this one, and will always post to Twitter when a new one is published.

Eventually, LPT will be a major research project – one that I hope will lead to publishing the first gaming history book to be truly inclusive of women.  I hope you’ll continue the journey with me by following me on Twitter and Hubpages.

Best wishes for 2017.


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