Tiffany IRL

I’m crazy.

Yes, you heard me, I’m crazy.  And I have this crazy idea: Loading Player Two.

Inspired by my work on Gamer Girl for Girl Museum, I’m launching a personal investigation into the history of girls in gaming…from the very first civilizations to today.  Which is probably going to drive me crazy if it doesn’t already mean that I am.

Gamer Girl was an eye-opener for me.  As a lifelong gamer, I had never really thought about my place — or the place of girls — in gaming until the events of Gamergate in 2014 and the subsequent museum exhibit about girls in gaming.  What I found was a wealth of stories — from mere fragments of sentences to buried-in-the-dark articles and artifacts — that hinted how girls have always been a part of gaming.

So, here we are.  The beginning of my first major research project since I finished graduate school two years ago.  Something that I hope others out there are wanting to see as much as I am, because I’m tired of reading gaming history that ignores women…or only mentions them in passing.  I want to know where the girls have been all this time, and how influential they are on modern gaming.  Gaming has been a part of human culture since practically the beginning — and there’s no way we’ve gone centuries without girls playing a part in that history.

But what qualifies me to do this?  Well, I’ve (almost) completed an entire museum exhibit about girls in gaming.  I’m a lifelong gamer and a trained historian with a Masters in Public History.  And I’ve done tons of projects, including exhibits, published articles, conference presentations, and podcasts — all involving solid research and interpretation.

I’m also currently unemployed, meaning that I have some free time.  I’ve been job hunting for over 2 years now, having played through a horrible divorce, two cross-country relocations, and other various levels.  I still haven’t found what castle the princess is in, but I have found incredible volunteer work with Girl Museum, begun freelance writing, rediscovered my passion for gaming despite being sidelined by male gamers, and found a wandering prince who loves gaming, books, food, and adventure as much as I do.

Now, what am I going to do here?  Well…

  • Posts will focus mostly on girls in gaming history, including artifacts, biographies, and little stories from various sources.  Expect to also see occasional posts on current gaming news, interesting resources / Kickstarters, and other relevant tidbits that interest me and help showcase girls and gaming.
  • I’ll aim to post every two weeks.  My schedule fluctuates between “playing Skyrim for 8 hours” and “not turning off the job search / volunteer work until 1 a.m.”  I’ve experienced both, and depending on how things go (and whether I get a paid job), I’ll still try to post every two weeks.  I’m a Hermione, so I know how to get things done way in advance in case my life goes crazy.  And I’ll keep you guys updated if things do go nuts.
  • Post length & frequency also depend on how much information I can find about said artifact/story.  Sometimes, combing through archives for days can leave you with one page of notes.  Other times, you’re surrounded.  I promise that the content I post will be well-researched, and I’m always interested in hearing any facts, hints, or other finds from my audience.

And, finally, I’d like to give a shout-out to my incredible best friend who came up with this title, her hubby who made me laugh with his, and my wandering prince…who thinks this isn’t crazy at all.  I couldn’t have started this without you.


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